Psychology Today Cites Mina as ‘Music’s Gender Outlaw’

psy_today_logoIn another thought-provoking discussion with Psychology Today’s Dr. Michael Friedman, Ph. D, Mina discusses formlessness of identity, gender, consciousness and much more.

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Using Music to Educate About Paleontology

nordsciOriginally Posted by the University of Oslo

On May 19th, 2009, Jørn Hurum was in the center of a media storm rarely associated with scientific finds when his team announced the news of the fossil Darwinius masillae, which became world famous under the name Ida.

The well-orchestrated press conference and simultaneous release of both a popular science book and a TV documentary sparked a heated debate in academic circles on public outreach.

New platform for outreach
Five years later, a common acquaintance connected Hurum and a fellow paleontologist, Achim Reisdorf. In 2013, the German Reisdorf and New York-based producer Submerged started the project Science Slam Sonic Explorer (SSSE).

The idea behind SSSE is to offer scientists a new platform for outreach.

“Science Slam is a well-known concept, but SSSE goes one step further by adding original music and video. It is not intended to be performed live, but for online distribution,” Hurum explains.

Ida is the fifth video SSSE have produced. Hurum’s lyrics are recited by Life of Agony singer Mina Caputo, backed by the band Gator Bait Ten, including ex-Swans drummer Ted Parsons.

You can read the rest of the article in its entirely by clicking here, as well as see/hear the completed music video.

Mina Featured in Scientific Video

ssseIn conjunction with the 5 year anniversary of the fossil’s revelation to the public, Science Slam Sonic Explorers have created a new piece highlighting the controversy behind the Earth’s most magnificently preserved primate fossil: IDA

With lyrics by Jørn Harald Hurum, voicing by Life of Agony’s Mina Caputo, music by Gator Bait Ten, and audio-visual production by Kurt Gluck (Submerged), this is the next echelon in collaborative effort between Science and Music.